Boston and Beyond

Published on 11/16/17

Networking Boston and Beyond November 15, 2017

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Where have we been?

It has been about a month and a half since I have sent my email prayer letter. Since that time, Deb and I have been on the road, which makes it difficult to keep current with weekly prayer letters.

Our time away started when we left Boston for Franklin, Tennessee, where we visited our son, daughter-in-law and three precious granddaughters. From there we traveled to Ottawa Kansas, ministering in a missions conference with Calvary Baptist Church, (supporting church) the pastor of Calvary introduced Deb and me as missionaries serving in Boston and Beyond. That is a good description of what we do, following human connections from Boston to other places around the world. Our time in Ottawa was a blessed time as we were reacquainted with a very supportive and engaged church family.

Our next stop was Ankeny, Iowa where we spent most of two weeks. Our primary responsibility was to minister at the Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary annual missions conference. This was a blessed time of challenging and being challenged to remain faithful to our calling to make disciples of all nations. My conference theme was Proclaiming Christ in the Globalized City (no surprise there). If you would like to see my rough speaking notes you may do so on my blog, Life and Ministry.

While in Ankeny, we also attended two cell groups of Saylorville Church. We had a wonderful time sharing our ministry report and vision for future ministry. Both groups were encouraging, and some continue to stay in contact. We have also been in three supporting churches in New England since returning home.

What are we doing now?

As I write, Deb is preparing a halal Thanksgiving dinner for several Muslim friends. When I went to pick up the specially prepared turkey at the local falafel shop, the proprietors chided me for not visiting them more often. In fact, they refused to give me the turkey until I sat and drank tea with them. Please pray for these folks who are originally from Palestine. The dinner for our Muslim friends will be this Friday night.

We have a second dinner planned for Sunday evening. A large immigrant family from China will join us for dinner that evening. The purpose of these dinners is to give testimony of the love of God by developing authentic relationships. It is our prayer that some of these relationships will result in opportunities to share the love of Christ which sent Him to the cross.

This weekend Dr. Vernon Rosenau (president of Baptist Mid-Missions) is coming to Boston for a visit. He will be spending time with Deb and me to discuss the potential and importance for city church planting globally. Those of you who have been consistently praying for us, know how important this meeting could be—Please pray.

News Bulletin

Charity (one of our interns) just came from a Bible study with the glorious news that one of our friends has just passed from death to life!

What’s Next

In late December, we leave for Iowa where we will spend the next several months reporting to our supporting churches (check the prayer requests below). Until then, Deb and I will be continuing our ministry to individuals in Boston and Beyond, preparing for our departure to Iowa, speaking in one or two supporting churches, and spending time with my earthly brothers and sister.

Pray for my Sister

Recently, we discovered that my older sister, Linda, has stage four bone cancer which has spread throughout her body. She is fully engaged in battling the cancer, but I, along with two other brothers, thought it wise to gather at my sister’s home for a family time. Please pray for us we think together about family issues and eternal matters.

This is Great Commission ministry,

Bill and Deb