Celebrating Life Together

Published on 05/20/16

Dear Friends, As I write this, Deb and I are sitting in Jackson Hole Roasters, a coffee shop in Jackson Wyoming. We are spending a few days here (compliments of standby seats) celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, dividing our time between ministry-related activities and personal activities like biking, hiking, and talking.

Last Sunday was a time of melancholy celebration at the International Baptist Church (IBC). Yangli and Haotian, along with their two children, said good bye to our local fellowship. As Haotian put it, “The IBC has been there for all the most important moments of our lives.” Several years ago, Deb engaged this couple in conversational English. Eventually this evangelistic relationship became a Bible study, which resulted in the salvation of both Yangli and Haotian. While in our fellowship, this couple learned about Christian marriage and living the Christian life . The IBC walked with Yangli and Haotian when they faced very difficult situations. Now they are taking the lessons they have learned-the life they have received-to another area of the world. The IBC celebrates, because this is the reason we exist: to minister to the mobile academic community who, being mobile, will minister to others. But our celebration is melancholy, indeed.

A few minutes ago I received a text message from Chris, (recently baptized and then returned to China). He informed me that he is sharing the message of Christ with a friend by teaching her the Gospel of John. His hope is that this friend will learn about “our” Father. So the gospel message continues to move from Boston to other global communities.

At the end of June, a young believer from Taiwan will follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. In addition, Jose will soon return to the Dominican Republic.

Forty years ago, God joined Deb and me together as a team, to serve Him, and to live the life He gave us, together. We are blessed to have such a Savior.

We love you,

Bill and Deb


Counseling Conference: June 12-19, Dr. Jeff and Sherry Newman will be joining the IBC for a week in ministry.

Baptism: June 26, Believers Baptism Service at the IBC

Teen Ministry Team: June 30-July 4, The Trinity Baptist Church youth will join us.

CP&D Team Meeting: July 4-7, We will work at networking global church planting.

CUME: August 2-5, Bill will attend advanced training for city church planting.

Creation Retreat: August 10-14, This will be held in the Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. If you would like more information please click on the link.


Surgery: Bill will have surgery to remove a thyroglossal cyst on June 10.

Upcoming Events:

Please pray for the upcoming ministry events.

The Dispersion: Remember to pray that the young believers who leave Boston remain faithful. In addition, pray as we continue to connect with these disciples for the purpose of Great Commission ministry.

Christian Vocational Workers: Remember to pray for Toby and Susan Stevens as they build relationships that will become a church family.

Tent-Makers: Please pray for Becky and Peter Laitres. They are now effectively ministering with us. They need employment in the Boston area.

The IBC Team: The IBC has a faithful core of believers committed to our Great Commission vision. Pray for us, that we will not be overly melancholy over departing members. Pray that we will keep a focus on what our God is doing through us.

BMM CP&D Leadership Team: The acronyms stand for the Baptist Mid-Mission Church Planters and Developers. Pray that we will successfully plan for the networking of global church planting in the cities of North America.