Christmas 2021

Published on 12/29/21

Dear Supporters,

Rather than recounting what we are doing or accomplishing, this is the time of year to be particularly thankful for our Savior, who saved us and continues to save us.

I still remember the first Christmas after I became a Christian in my third year of college. Our Savior saved me from a self-centered life, which was going nowhere. In its place was the wonder of a new life, a new direction, with many new lessons to be learned and a Savior to begin to know.

That first year, having been born again, I thought salvation meant I would be wrestling for God for many years to come. You see, I was a wrestler at the University of Northern Iowa, and had lofty goals for my wrestling carrier. My Savior had other ideas. One year after having received the Savior, I was married to Deb, going to Bible college, and Deb and we were expecting our first child, William Henery. Instead of living life for my glory, our Savior was training me to live a life for others—pleasing to God.

Deb and I are still on that wondrous journey of trusting our Savior as He leads us along and cares for our souls. Through this last year Deb and I have experienced a rerun of those first days of experiencing our Savior’s care. There have been mammoth change in our lives, which we did not foresee. And yet our Savior is reminding us to trust in Him, and we do. We know He is our portion, and the only One who is trustworthy. He leads us. He saves us. We are not able to save ourselves.

We are thankful today for the journey on which our Savior is leading us. We are thankful for our five children, their spouses and our grandchildren with whom we journey together. We are thankful that our Savior has allowed us to join Him in the building of His church and the rescuing of souls. We are thankful, that while we aren’t always sure where our journey is taking us, we are sure our Savior will lead us, and will continue to care for our souls.

We love our Savior and our God. We love Him, and are so thankful,

Bill and Deb