Current Financial Ministry Needs

Published on 07/19/16

Dear Friends,

Today I need to share two financial needs with you.

The Ministry Home

Our home, which is our discipleship and ministry center, is in constant need of maintenance, updating and repair. The Sunday services of the International Baptist Church are held in the ministry home, and the nursery is located in a room on the second floor. Therefore, we have several projects that need to be done to make our home more usable for ministry. Today, I will share an immediate need with you.

In order to effectively continue discipleship with those young believers who have left Boston, the ministry home must be better equipped to record and broadcast our services and Bible studies. This equipping includes installing a quieter air conditioning system. This is an opportunity for some to invest in the lives of young disciples around the world by helping us with the remaining $2ooo.00 needed to pay for this Split-Air system.


In early August, I (Bill) will begin studies at the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME). Firstly, this course work will inform me more fully about inner-city ministry in general and especially about the Boston inner-city. Secondly, these studies will enable me to evaluate the effectiveness of city ministry, the reasons for lack of effectiveness, and ways to improve effectiveness. Thirdly, completing the Master of Theology in Practical Theology degree will improve my teaching credentials. Actually, I think continued academic training is essential if we are to accomplish our God given goals. The courses I am taking in August will cost about $2,400.00.

You can find information concerning giving to these needs on the bottom of the Financial Support Information page of our supporters website. Just click on the link above.

Cooking Class2

Last Saturday 15 friends joined Deb for her weekly cooking class. Friends were made and life giving conversations begun. Please pray that our Savior will be made known. At least one evangelistic study was scheduled as a result of this activity.

We love you,

Bill and Deb