December 2nd, 2010

Published on 12/02/10

Thanksgiving Blessing!

Even though many members our fellowship were sick with the flu, approximately 75 people attended our International Thanksgiving Dinner on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving. Most of these were new friends with whom we have now initiated an evangelistic relationship (an authentic gospel-centered friendship). Each new friend received a church brochure containing the gospel message and contact information. Our evaluation concludes that the evening was a great success and a wonderful answer to prayer. We know that many of you prayed with us-co-laborers together. A special thanks needs to be extended to Trinity Baptist church who provided seventeen baked pies for the dinner.

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The Blessing of Lee and Pam Ormiston

On the Sunday after our International Thanksgiving Dinner, it was the privilege of the International Baptist Fellowship to receive the ministry of Lee and Pam Ormiston, and they certainly did minister to us. This is one couple who have not just talked about ministering to the inner-city—they have literally put their lives’ on the line for the people of the inner-city. It was extremely edifying for our fellowship to have Lee Ormiston help us understand the dynamics of effective urban ministry, and Pam was an incredible help to us in many different ways. The weekend with the Ormiston’s is being followed up in a way that will hopefully result in the building of the foundation for a continental network of urban ministers and ministries. One goal of the weekend with the Ormistons was to develop the basis for a long term friendship and ministry relationship. It seems that this goal was accomplished. Praise the Lord!

Ivan is Baptized

After receiving over a year of Bible studies and Christian fellowship, our friend Ivan followed the Lord in believer’s baptism this last Sunday afternoon. Ivan has completed twelve through the Bible evangelistic Bible studies and six Bible studies on believers baptism. In addition to this, many hours have been spent just getting to know Ivan and sharing life with him. He is now being discipled by Andy (once an intern but now a resident of Boston). Please pray for Andy, the IBF and Ivan as we labor to see Christ formed in Ivan. This is the fifth baptism of the year—not that many, but we are so thankful to the Lord for, Ivan, Jay, Alex, Tina and Kai. Please pray for these, that they will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Bill and Deb