December 6th, 2009

Published on 12/07/09

This Week in Boston

Hi friends,

Sickness, weather, car problems, and finals limited the attendance in the Sunday morning fellowship meeting. Seasonal busy schedules will also limit the number of Bible studies that we will have until January. This is the time of year that administrative details are updated. These are important details that include: evaluating where our ministry is at in the relationship to the goals God has given us, making ministry adjustments based upon that evaluation, plan the ministry calendar for the next year, and finalizing a budget.

Our ministry, by design, is constantly saying good by to those whom we minister as they leave Boston to go back to their homeland. Wayne (picture) will be leaving for China and James will be leaving for Connecticut. New attached image

On the other hand, we have a number of new people becoming involved with our ministry: an Iranian, two mainland Chinese, and a person from the Jewish heritage. All of these were in the service today as we read and explained the historical account of Zacharias, Elizabeth, the angel Gabriel, and the birth of John the Baptist. It was wonderful to hear some of our new friends read the Holy Scriptures for the very first time.

More wonderful news comes out of the small neighborhood store across the street from the community building where we meet for church. I have told you about a family from Nepal with whom we have become friends (their son responded to the gospel in our summer vacation Bible time). This morning, before church when getting my morning coffee, I invited the father, who was working in the store, to a cantata at Trinity Baptist Church (our sending church in Concord, NH). He was very receptive, and will ask his employer to get off work early in-order to bring his family with us. Please pray for this family from Nepal.

I am working on another communication tool. I have had a website for a while but I have not developed it much until recently. It is a very basic website which we named Bill’s and Deb’s Website for Supporters. I will keep my weekly updates on the this website as well a wealth of other information. You are also able to access our church website from our supporters website. Hopefully this will help those who desire to stay current on the Boston ministry to do so. Please check it out.

From Boston,