Doing the Demographics

Published on 07/26/18

The Plan: Doing the Demographics

Fellow workers,

Jesus confirmed that, regardless of opposition, He would build His Church (Matt 16:18), and He invited us to join Him in the constructing of it (Matt 28:18-20). We dare not minimize both the privilege and responsibility of doing so.

Joining Jesus in His work begins by understanding what He is doing in the world. We have discerned our Savior’s activity of drawing the peoples of the world to particular cities (globalized cities). Furthermore, we understand that by joining Him in these cities globally, it is possible to network evangelism and discipleship to the entire world.

It is important, then, to know which cities of the world are the most strategically situated for networking the gospel, globally. Some of the characteristics necessary are as follows: 1) large international population (students and immigrants). 2) online global connectivity 3) international business community 4) thriving tourist industry 5) global city to city governmental connectivity 6) freedom to speak the gospel 6) accessibility to the international community (transportation system) 7) hospitable living conditions.

In our demographic study, we hope to list the most strategic cities according to ten geographical, civilizational classifications which includes: Buddhism, Muslim, Western worldview, Orthodox worldview (Eastern Europe and Russia), Hinduism, Sinic,(Chinese), Japanese, African, South American, Israeli and the Jewish diaspora.

It will be relationships made in Boston with individuals, from globalized cities from the ten classification above, which will determine in which cities we actually minister. As our interns interact in Boston with the peoples of the world, ministry teams will form, which will be designed to do the work of ministry globally.

Deb and I. along with others, will do the demographic studies necessary to determine our list of cities. Part of this study will include visiting globalized cities internationally. Doing the demographic study is the fourth part of the plan. In previous installments of this letter, we have covered building the church, evangelizing the nations, and recruiting the workers. Next week, the subject will be Launching the T eams.

Hopefully, this detailed explanation of the Plan will not become boring, but instead, will help you know how to pray intelligently.