Evangelizing the Nations

Published on 06/27/18

The Plan: Evangelizing the Nations

  The goal of Boston and Beyond a globalized city initiative (B&B) is to obey the Savior by joining Him in the fulfilling of His command to disciple all nations. We believe this is possible for two basic reasons: 1) Jesus has all authority, and He has promised to help those who surrender to do His will. 2) The Savior has providentially prepared globalized cities—places where the nations can be discipled, both locally and by connecting globally.   Last week, we began working our way through the Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative (B&B) ministry plan. I wrote about the need to help establish the International Baptist Church. In the coming weeks, our focus will be the other topics listed in the B&B: evangelizing the nations (today), recruiting the workers, studying the demographics and launching the teams. When we finish explaining the B&B Plan, we will highlight the People needed for B&B ministry, Places targeted for the B&B discipleship centers, and the Preparation provided for B&B workers. Hopefully, all of this information will help everyone know where we are going, what is needed, and how to effectively pray.

Evangelizing the Nations

Effective evangelistic ministry is not only essential for the IBC, it is also of fundamental importance to our globalized cities initiative. It is by following home those individuals discipled in Boston that B&B will succeed. Without evangelistic success, there will be no B&B success. Therefore, below are three ways in which we will evangelize the nations from Boston.

Reconnect existing Relationships

I quick perusal of our ministry home guest book reveals that individuals from at least fifty countries have been engaged in gospel ministry within our home. We don’t have an estimate of how many other nations have been engaged through our various Boston ministries. Suffice it to say, we have had the joy, privilege and responsibility of ministering the gospel globally. As we have done so, enduring relationships have been created with both new believers, and also, not yet believers. Of utmost importance is reconnecting with our friends, both in Boston and globally. Some of these existing relationships will lead to evangelistic Bible studies, others will lead us to new friends with whom we will study God’s plan of redemption—can’t wait!. In fact we are already heavily engaged in the ministry of reconnecting. As I write, Deb is meeting with a “not yet” Christian friend in a coffee shop several subway shops down from the coffee shop where I am sitting—life is good.

Engage a Diversity of Nations

Fifty nations represents just over 25% of the nations of the world. Mindful of our Savior’s promises, we realize that in Boston, we have the potential of ministering the gospel to all the nations of the world. Therefore, we are planning, by His almighty power, to do so. We will expand our outreach by attending ethnic or country specific activities around Boston, meeting new friends and developing gospel-centered relationships. For instance, the IBC will host our annual fourth of July picnic on the Charles River. This is an excellent time to meet people from around the world, become acquainted and seek to develop genuine friendship. Some of these friends will be interested in knowing about our Savior.

Teach the Bible

With an abundance of gospel-centered friendships/relationships come opportunities for sharing the gospel. We normally do so by teaching through the Bible, starting in Genesis. However, each Bible study is as varied as the people to whom we minister are different. As we study the text of Scripture, each individual will have unique questions and thoughtful insights. Based upon our friendship and time spent getting to know and love our new friends, we are able to answer the true questions of their heart and some will become Christians. Our method is simple but effective, because it rests upon the presuppositions of God’s Word and upon His unbreakable promises.


It is essential that we recruit and train more evangelists to expand the B&B ministry. There are many working parts within the B&B plan which will engage Deb and me in and out of Boston. We must be successful at recruiting and training individuals to engage different cultures and various world views with the gospel.


Please pray as Deb and I re-engage in the Boston ministry.

Recently, I began talking with a Muslim background friend. I will never be able to share his name or many details about him, but please pray. I am right now preparing an evaluation of the Koranic teaching concerning Mary and Jesus. Please pray for us as I explain the importance of the Trinity to my friend.

We are working with the BMM administration concerning the institutional formation of Boston & Beyond. Please pray that a solid foundation will be established. There is an important meeting this Wednesday at 1:30 PM.

Our personal support need is $5,715 and our personal and B&B work funds needed is $3,741 for a total of $9,456 needed monthly support.

Presently our committed support included 30 churches and 14 individuals for a total of four $6,406.83. This means we need to raise about $3,050 a month support. Please pray for us. We sense we are needed in Boston on Sundays, but raising support will take us out of Boston to speak in churches on weekends. We are asking God to providentially provide with limited Sunday travel.

Support Information

For more information concerning our monthly support needs, you can click on the Financial Information tab.


July 4 Engaging the Nations on the Charles River

July 5-7 Potential Interns will be visiting us

July 9-11 BMM family conference Elyria, Ohio

July 22 Pilgrim Baptist Church Reporting Meeting

July 28-29 Bible Conference, Des Moines, Iowa

July 30-August 3 BMM Team North America organizational meetings, Ankeny, Iowa