Exciting Developments

Published on 03/04/17

Dear Partners in Ministry,

It has been a one and a half months since I last communicated with you, and much has happened. First, let me update you on news from our previous prayer letter. In order to understand this update, you may need to refresh your memory concerning our last update.


1. At last count, there are 12 on-going evangelist Bible studies. Please pray that these studies will produce Christians. As a result of one such study, a new baby Christian will be baptized in late March.

2. We have two interns coming this summer, a third in August, and a forth next summer.

3. Jean Tsen is faithfully raising support to join the Boston team as a vocational missionary. She is now at 17%!

Reporting and Support Raising

Deb and I will be reporting back to our supporting churches in the Midwest from January to June of 2018. We will also be caring for support needs during that time.

Church Planting

Firstly, the International Baptist Church, an orthodox Christian association, (IBC an OCA), elected Song as its second deacon. As a second item, at the request of the man being considered as an assistant pastor, the IBC an OCA agreed to wait on that decision.

Exciting News

A church is considering sending Deb and I to China. The purpose of this trip is as follows: 1. We hope to follow up on the many disciples who began their spiritual life in Boston, helping them to remain faithful, and to move forward in their Christian lives and ministries. 2. We will network with the body of Christ in China, so that we can help facilitate global-church planting. 3. We desire to learn more about China and its people, in order to more effectively minister to Mainland Chinese. 4. We will work at developing new evangelistic relationships with not-yet Christians, in order to start new evangelistic Bible studies.

Even More Exciting News

From the beginning, our God-given goal has always been to minister to the world in Boston in order to minister to the world outside of Boston. It remains our intention to facilitate global-church-planting in world-class cities by ministering to the world in Boston and by networking with the body of Christ, locally, regionally, continentally, and internationally.

For this goal of global-city-church planting to be achieved, a pastor and pastor’s wife team is needed to shepherd the IBC, an OCA, allowing Deb and I to focus our energies on evangelistic and networking ministries. It appears that God has designated a couple to fulfill the role of the pastor and pastor’s wife of the IBC an OCA.

Toby and Susan Stevens have been part of the Boston ministry for many years. After interning with us, Toby, along with Susan and their two young sons, raised their support to become church planters in Boston. Once the church becomes fully self-supporting, their intention is to remain with the church as pastor and wife. Toby and Susan are one with us in ministry philosophy and share our passion for global ministry, with Boston as the launching pad. The final church vote calling Toby as the Pastor of the IBC an OCA will be either the last week of March or the first week of April. Please pray with us that there will be 100% unity in this vote.

This is Great Commission ministry.

Pray for us,

Bill and Deb