Expressed to China

Published on 04/26/17

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Moved Quickly Forward

Since my last communication, God has providentially put us on an express ministry train to China, but first, a quick update on other happenings in Boston.

In the last month, God has quickly moved us forward: 1) a new believer has been baptized (His testimony will be the subject of a future prayer letter.), 2) another friend placed his faith in Christ, and is now asking questions about church membership, prayer and confession of sin, 3) the International Baptist Church an orthodox Christian association has a new pastor. Our church family voted unanimously to call Toby Stevens, who will be officially installed on the last day of May. This will help Deb and I to focus on strategic-urban-global church planting, which includes personal evangelistic ministry, recruiting and training church planters for the urban centers of the world, and networking world-class-city church planting.

From Newark

While this is being written, Deb and I are waiting to board a flight for Beijing, China. We had planned on leaving for China May 9, but when our visa was approved ,the dates were changed to April 19 – May 19. So, after a scramble, here we are waiting for our flight.

As you may recall from our last update, our ministry goals for this trip are as follows: 1) We hope to follow up on the many disciples who began their spiritual life in Boston, helping them to remain faithful, and to move forward in their Christian lives and ministries. 2) We will network with the body of Christ in China, so that we can help facilitate global-church planting. 3) We desire to learn more about China and its people, in order to more effectively minister to Mainland Chinese in the USA. 4) We will work at developing new evangelistic relationships with not-yet Christians, in order to start new evangelistic Bible studies on-line.

Since news of our ministry trip spread across the IBC diaspora, requests have flowed in asking us to visit various areas of China including the east, northwest and southwest of China. All of these offer rich opportunities for expanding gospel ministry and are in accordance with our listed goals. This is an area you could consider be a blessing to China.

Whereas we have the needed funds to travel to Beijing and Shanghai, we do not have the money needed to travel to other areas of China. For instance, we have been asked to fly to Dali, China, but this would cost $900.00. As has been explained to us, there is great opportunity in Dali to learn about the Chinese Church, and the culture of China. In addition, we would be introduced to friends who do not yet know Christ. This is one example of several ministry opportunities.

If you would like to join us financially in this ministry trip, and help us avail ourselves of these opportunities, would you consider sending a gift to Baptist Mid-Missions in the name of Bill and Deb Edmondson? If you do so, be sure to send us an email to, letting us know the amount you are investing. This will help us know what we are able to spend and where we are able to go.

I hope to send updates in the following weeks as the situation allows.

This is Great Commission ministry.

Pray for us,

Bill and Deb