February 19th, 2010

Published on 02/21/10

This Week in Boston

Thank You Lord,

The last several weeks have been difficult. An evangelistic Bible study ended without positive results. Several have missed their appointed studies without notification. Even our services on Sunday have not seemed to have the normal spark, and our attendance is not what it should be. Things seem to be a little stagnate right now, and I have been wondering why. Times like these greatly bother me. We did not come to Boston to simply pass the time, and when the ministry doesn’t seem to be moving forward, I get bothered. After another negative episode this morning, I was in a particularly melancholy mood as I made my way to an evangelistic Bible study at Northeastern University. The graduate student with whom I was meeting had already attended nine out of a set of twelve evangelistic through-the-Bible lessons. He came from China and has been in the United States for less than one year. The way things have been going as of late, I was halfway surprised when he showed up for the study.

Thankfully, the Lord has taught me to live by what I know to be true, and not to live my life based upon the way I feel at any given moment. Today was a day that I taught the lesson by faith with all the enthusiasm and ability I could muster. I thought to myself, “I want to teach this lesson like it is that last lesson I will ever have the privilege of teaching.”

At the end of the study, I told my friend that I was praying that one day he could put his trust in Jesus Christ. I was greatly surprised when he told me that he already had placed his trust in Jesus Christ and that one day he would like to be baptized. This is the second person to confirm their salvation within the last month and others have expressed great interest in knowing more about Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is also true that recently one of our disciples followed the Lord in believer’s baptism and several others have stepped up to more responsible places of ministry. These things remind me that soon there will be several people moving to Boston in order to serve the Lord with us. In a few minutes, I need to leave for a Bible study that is hosted by one of our disciples who came to the Lord through this ministry. He will be inviting several of his friends to study the Gospel of Matthew with us. These are folks who have never heard, and we have the privilege of being the first to explain to them the love of God. Oh yeah, it looks like I will be teaching city-church-planting as an adjunct professor at Bible college of like faith. And by the way, next week Deb and I will be in Hawaii for vacation. The trip will cost us a total of a couple hundred dollars. I guess things are not so bad after all.

Bill in Boston

This is a photo of some of our friends who came to the ministry home to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival

Chinese New Year 2010 Celebration