Fireworks in Boston

Published on 07/05/16

Health Update

Thank you for praying. The throat surgery was successful, and I am healthy again.


Peter followed the Lord in believers baptism. Please pray for him as he learns how to walk faithfully with the Lord.

The Fourth of July on the Charles

Every year we invite new and old friends to join us on the Charles River in order to view the fireworks. This year was another wonderful success, as we were able to meet many new friends with whom to develop evangelistic relationships. This year a youth ministry team joined us from Trinity Baptist Church, and they did a tremendous job ministering in many different ways.

CP&D Meetings

While our ministry team was engaged on the Charles, I was traveling to Elyria, Ohio in order to attend the Baptist Mid-Missions Church Planters and Developers (CP&D) meeting. Pray that this meeting will help the CP&D to minister global by effectively ministering the gospel to the cities of North America.


In early August, I will begin studies at the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) This course work will inform me more fully about inner-city ministry in general and the Boston inner-city imparticularly These studies will also enable me to evaluate the effectiveness of city ministry, the reasons for lack of effectiveness, and ways to improve effectiveness. My teaching credentials will also be enhanced by finishing this work towards a Master of Theology in Practical Theology. There is a financial need involved.

Wyoming Retreat

The second week of August, Deb and I will travel to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in order to host our second annual Creation Retreat. We will also spend some time camping and hiking, resting for the journey ahead.

East Cambridge

We are extremely excited that Toby and Susan Stevens will begin services in East Campbridge the third week of September. They are already generating evangelistic relationships.


In late October or early November, Deb and I will be returning to China for the purpose of following up on friends and disciples who have returned to China. We will need help paying for this trip.


Please pray for Haomiao, Jason, Luke, Thomas, Timothy. All these Chinese men are engaged in evangelistic Bible studies.

Ministry House Maintenance

In order to continue discipleship with those who have left Boston, the ministry home needs to be equipped for recording the services and broadcasting our services. This preparation involves installing a quieter air conditioning system. We now need $2300.00 to pay for this. You can find out more about the maintenance needs of the ministry home by looking at our supporters website.

Thank you for praying for us and giving to us,

Bill E.