Praise and Prayer


Build the Church—Our annual IBC International Thanksgiving Dinner was well attended by long-time residences of East Cambridge and newer immigrant neighbors, as well as international scholars.

Evangelize the Nations—This morning, Deb had an online meeting into China with a woman who is the wife of one who became a Christian in an online Bible study with Bill. Her husband has been urging her to study the Bible, as well. Deb will do so with her.

Recruit the Workers—There is now a regular online meeting with those interested in becoming part of the Boston and Beyond ministry team. One person is making application to become a BMM missionary, and two other couples plan on being interns next summer.

Do the Demographics—One of our future team members is working with me to identify key globalized cities according to ten civilizational categories.

Launch the teams—We have begun to have online fellowship meetings with friends from other continents. The desire is to network with our disciples who have left Boston as well as with future team members, building relationships that may become eventual church planting teams.