Praise and Prayer


Build the Church—The Anderson family will be moving to Boston in early June to join the church as tent-makers. The Nida’s will visit in June in preparation for their year internship which begins in late August or September.

Evangelize the Nations—Deb’s evangelistic study with a friend in China by Go To Meeting an online conferencing tool is ongoing. We have two studies ready to begin with two other Chinese friends. One is doing graduate research in Boston. The other has finished her academic work and now works in Boston. Much prayer is needed here. Our goal is to minister the gospel to the ten mayor civilizations.

Recruit the Workers—We meet online every other week with potential Boston and Beyond workers. This is a sweet time of prayer and fellowship. Andrew Eddy recently successfully completed the doctrinal portion of his Baptist Mid-Missions application. Pending a successful pre-field introductory seminar, Andy will begin raising funds for the Boston and Beyond ministry. Gene Tsen is now above 40% of her needed support. Faculty from Faith Baptist Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa are helping us train future church planting team members by holding a hermeneutics seminar (how to study, understand the Bible). Please pray for a large number of participants.

Do the Demographics—One of our future team members is working with me to identify key globalized cities according to ten civilizational categories.

Launch the teams—We have had a set back here. Because of government pressure in some places, we have not pursued our online meetings with future potential international church planting team participants. We are making other arrangements to communicate with these disciples.