Prayer Requests

This prayer list provides the broad outline of our personal prayer life and ministry plan.


Dear Father, please help me become a very organized and efficient facilitator of a urban-church-planting movement. If it be your will, please help Deb and me move into the very middle of Boston so that we may live and minister from the center of the international academic and immigrant communities of Boston.

Church (The Model Church)

Dear Father in heaven, please help the International Baptist Church an orthodox Christian association (IBC) flourish in East Cambridge. Please help it be a discipleship center for the world which is located in Boston. May their fellowship be a place where people find help, rest, and salvation.

Boston (The Local Network)

Thank You, Father, for providing cities like Boston, where one is able to minister to the whole world. Please help us be part of an urban-church-planting movement which begins in Boston and then spreads to other world class cities. Dear Father, help us create a local ministry network, which enables us to disciple international students and immigrants living in Boston, in order that they might minister to the world outside of Boston.

New England (The Regional Network)

Dear Father, please help us effectively communicate to our New England constituency the joy of ministering in Boston. May the Great Commission blessings received in Boston be shared by our brothers and sisters across New England.

USA (The Continental Network)

Dear Father, please help us form a network of churches, Bible colleges, seminaries, and mission agencies organized for the purpose of facilitating a church-planting movement in world class cities globally.

World (The International Network)

Our Father, we pray that the gospel of Jesus Christ will be made available to all peoples of the world by means of an urban church-planting movement. Please teach us how to join You and Your Son in establishing disciple making centers (churches) in strategic world-class cities globally.

It is in the name of Jesus Christ that we pray,

Bill and Deb Edmondson