Praise and Prayer

My “Muslim background” friend and I are developing a deep friendship. Please pray that this leads him to have a deep relationship with the Savior.

Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative is part of the larger Baptist Mid-Missions world, and, as such, needs to define itself as an approved special ministry of BMM. Doing so will involve several organizational meetings with various levels of the BMM administration. These are on-going and will continue through March of 2019. Pray as the organizational foundation for B&B is established.

We need to increase work funds/personal funds by over $3,000 a month. Beginning in September, we will be working to fill our Sunday schedule with deputation meetings. These meetings are designed to inform potential prayer and financial supporters concerning Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative (B&B). Would you pray as we establish the prayer and financial base for B&B? Pray that we can fill our schedule with speaking engagements. If you are a pastor will you contact me to schedule a meeting?

While we work with BMM to establish B&B within BMM, and as we raise the needed support by speaking on Sundays, we will also be working to begin evangelistic studies in Boston. It is a lot to juggle, but with your prayers and encouragement it will be done—Please pray.