Global Gospel Studies (December 2016)

Published on 01/15/17

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I just finished the tenth evangelistic Bible study with Thomas. This lesson covers the early life of Jesus. Next week, we will talk about the death of our Savior for our sins.

This study with Thomas is one of seven evangelistic studies we host on a weekly basis. Four of these studies are local and three are by means of online video conferencing. The life story of each participant is different, but each is learning how God desires to enter their lives to give life. Please pray that faith will come to these precious friends.

One friend has temporarily moved back to Boston, which allows his wife to learn about the Savior by means of our studies. Another friend in Shanghai encouraged his wife to join us for a dinner. She is extremely busy doing research, so we may not have the opportunity to teach her the gospel until she returns to China.

We met a husband who is visiting his wife who lives in Boston. He hopes to join her someday. We continue to met other members of this immigrant family. This may be the entrance into the immigrant community for which we have been earnestly praying. Please continue to pray.

The opportunities continue to increase, as do the number of those who desire to learn about ministering in this way. At the time of this writing, I can think of four potential interns hoping to spend four months in Boston learning to minister to the world in the cities in order to minister to the world outside our global cities.

Recently, a pastor of a supporting church reminded me that we in Boston are very blessed. This faithful pastor ministers in a small rural town, so evangelistic ministry is limited (How many times can you share the gospel with the same person?) He reminded me that our privilege of sharing the gospel with the world in Boston is in deed a tremendous blessing from God. May we respond in faithfulness and effectiveness. Oh, and he sent me some home roasted coffee-he’s a good pastor:).

Pray for us,

Bill and Deb