Immigrant Ministry

Published on 10/05/16

Dear Partners in Ministry,

We have been asking God to help us minister the gospel to the immigrant communities of Malden/Boston. We believe that by doing so, the potential exists to disciple extended families globally. Since immigrant communities are permanent, they could also  provide stable growth for our local congregation (the IBC). In addition, success in this part of our ministry plan would help us disciple our international academic congregants to build community wide churches in their homeland.

We have been praying about immigrant ministry for a long time, and it seems God is beginning to answer our prayers. Deb became friends with a Chinese woman who is part of a larger family of 16. This larger family contains several smaller families. Last Sunday night, several members of these families attended an IBC social event. This group included two little boys, a young lady, a teenage son, a college age young man, and two Chinese women. One day, we may have the privilege of sharing the gospel with them. So we need to pray.

Ministry is work, and success comes bit by bit with many setbacks. We need endurance.

Pray for us,

Bill and Deb