July 18th, 2010

Published on 07/21/10

This Week in Boston

Dear friends,

This is just a short note to update you on the Boston ministry.

1. Deb and I will be in Iowa for a mandatory Baptist Mid-Missions organizational meeting the first part of August. We will also be spending some time with family while we are in the area. We have Wednesday the 11th of August free if any of my supporting churches would like us to check in.

2. This Sunday we will celebrate the baptism of two individuals. You have already heard about Jay. You will remember that we have been studying the Bible with Jay (A Chinese graduate student at NEU) for more than 11/2 years. Because of busy schedules, several different teachers from within our group have been involved in teaching Jay evangelistic, infant discipleship, and baptism lessons. Tina (newly arrived from China) will also be baptized. She is unusual in that she responded very quickly to the gospel. Her first Sunday with us was Easter Sunday, and, from the very beginning of our our relationship with her, she has shown a keen spiritual interest. Her articulate thoughtful answers to questions concerning salvation reveal that she has been born again.

3. We now have several on-going evangelistic and discipleship studies occurring throughout each week which are taught by various members of the International Baptist Fellowship (IBF). This is exciting and important because it means that we are maturing as a fellowship. I am not the only one responsible for teaching. We have at least five individuals who are ready and willing to teach evangelistic, baptismal, and discipleship lessons. We also have several men who are able to teach the Sunday morning Bible study. What we lack are Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, and an administrative assistant, which I mentioned in my last prayer letter. Our younger converts are willing to help but at this point need supervision.

4. This last Sunday there were 29 people in the Sunday morning Bible study. All of these are potential long term congregants. This is a new high for the IBF. Some of you have been praying for Bruce Taylor and his family (authentic Bostonians). You will remember that he was part of our first church plant but then drifted away. I am ecstatic to report that Bruce was in church Sunday and plans on returning. He brought with him his daughter Felicia and her infant daughter Rosalie. At the IBF we teach perseverance of the SAVIOR. Bruce’s life illustrates the point that when our Savior begins His work in a person He will never quit. Because of this, we in the IBF, never give up on any person who has placed their trust in Jesus Christ. We love Bruce and his family and it is great to have him back.

5. Starting this Saturday a ministry team from Trinity Baptist Church (Concord NH) will be ministering with the IBF. We will have a children’s club and a teen ministry. This means that we will be sharing the gospel with families all across the Malden (our part of Boston) area. It also means that Deb will be feeding 20 additional people and housing probably half of those people. Please pray that all will go well, that the gospel message will be clear, and that families will be reached. In relationship to this, there is still a need to purchase air conditioners for the ministry home. One way that you could participate in the ministry this week would be to help purchase these conditioners. Please let us know if you would like to join in this ministry in this way.

6. Things are truly moving forward in the Boston ministry. The IBF is slowly becoming the International Baptist Church. Pray that it will become the model from which other urban-church plants are able to learn both negative and positive lessons. Remember, it is our Spirit generated objective to help facilitate a urban-church-planting movement which will effectively ministry the gospel into strategic cities around the globe. Thank you for being our partner.

Bill and Deb