March 31st, 2010

Published on 04/01/10

The Son always shines in Boston

Greetings from soggy Boston where the Son always shines,

This is one of two prayer letters which I have prepared recently. Deb vetoed the first attempt, explaining that while informative, it was boring. :-) So, if you would like to be filled in on some of the more boring details of what is happening in the Boston ministry, just go to our website and check out both “This Week in Boston” prayer letters for March 31st, 2010.

In this letter, I would like to tell you about one of our disciples who will be going back to China soon. Kai came to Boston about two years ago to study at one of the universities here. We became acquainted with Kai when he had a dental problem. (Deb and I have a friend who helps care for the dental needs of the international students within our Bible studies). Kai was in great pain. His roommate, a participant in our Bible study, asked us if we could help. I was out of town, so Deb ended up taking him to the dentist. She was able to share the gospel with him and he responded immediately. In our experience, this quick response to the gospel by one from China is very unusual.

Typically, our evangelistic Bible studies will go for a year or more before a decision is made, so Kai was very atypical. Our followup for Kai included twelve lessons explaining salvation and six lessons explaining the importance of baptism. Kai has now been baptized and is attending church most of the time. But now, in a month or less, Kai is headed back to China where there does not seem to be much hope for Christian fellowship.

This is great opportunity and also a great prayer need. The opportunity is that Kai could possibly be an effective witness for Christ. If he is to be such a witness, he will need web-based discipleship and a gospel-centered pioneer spirit. This is also a great prayer need. Kai faces all the obstacles of any young believer with the added pressures of taking Christianity from our Western culture into his Chinese culture. If he is to succeed, it will partially be because some of us pray regularly and persistently for Kai. Will you pray?

Bill and Deb

Prayer Request

Our son, Rob, his wife Amanda and their two children (Robin and Lola) are moving to Boston on April 21st. They are coming to be mentored for ministry, and initially will be living with us in the ministry home. This makes it even more important to finish the construction on our basement—we desperately need the room.

We also need the room for our Sunday afternoon fellowships. As you may remember, we invite our whole fellowship to our home for lunch every Sunday. It is important that we create more room for people to spread out.

Therefore, it is very important that we finish the basement. In order to do so, we will need to install a sump pump, paint the ceiling, cement the floor, among other things. The work will cost around $1,800.00, and a lot of manual labor. Please pray that we are able to do this work soon. If you are able to give towards this project it would also be very helpful.

Basement Work