Our Need?

God has cared for Deb and me for over 40 years. He has used His people to provide for our every need. We are not in financial trouble, but desire to keep our supporters current concerning our financial situation. We believe in what we do, and we think it is worthy of missionary support. Our financial needs provide an opportunity for Christians to join us as we serve God together in the cities of our world.

Monthly Support Need

Our main need is to have 100% of our monthly support estimate. This means that our committed monthly support must increase by $3000.00 a month. There is the opportunity for partners to join us in our global-church planting adventure. Will you do so? You can find more support information by clicking on the Financial Support Information tab to your right.

Our Ministry Cocoon Cocoon

As you know, we recently made a strategic move to the middle of Boston. The location is great but the room is micro-small (311 sqft). If we are to use our property to its full potential, we will need to purchase a couple of specialized pieces of furniture.

In order to extend Deb’s hospitality to the nations, we need:

1) A coffee table called a Genie. Our wall bed will pull down over it, and raised, it could seat 6-8. Its cost is $2,450.00. Genie Coffee Table

2) A console table that stores the leafs right in the table, that could seat up to 12. The cost of the console table is $2,495.00. Console Table

3) We need 12 chairs from Expand Furniture. They are very slim and easy to store. The total cost for the chairs $1,785.00 Slim chairs

We understand that the cost is high, but remember in 311 square feet there’s much room for any furniture. What you purchase must be tailored for small places. We feel its a small price to pay to make our hospitality and the gospel available to the nations.


Deb and I (myself, 65 in August) hope to continue to minister vocationally into our old age. However, we do understand the need to provide for ourselves as we physically slow down:

We continue to save for retirement, but it will not be sufficient for us to retire fully at 65, nor do we desire to ever retire. We are taking care of ourselves physically, and we are preparing ourselves mentally to serve as ministry mentors while growing older. If the Lord tarries, we hope to serve full time until we are 90 years of age. If so, retirement funds will not be a problem.

Our Wants (Ministry Dreams)

The following is simply our dreams of places of adventure that we would love to share with God. These are not projects sanctioned by Baptist Mid-Missions, nor are they tax deductible projects. However, we would sure appreciate your prayers that these dreams would come true.

My Bethel In Genesis 28:10-22 the account of Jacob’s Dream is recorded. When Jacob awoke and realized he had had a divine encounter, he named the place Bethel (house of God). He also referred to this place as the “the gate of heaven.” I too have a Bethel, which I consider to be a gate to heaven.

Teton Stars

Each August Deb and I return to my Bethel—The Grand Teton National Park. It was while sleeping under the stars, when around 10 years of age, that I first became aware of something beyond myself. The majesty of the heavens opened my mind to wonder about God, and this culminated in my salvation years later. Now, one of our sons and his family live in Jackson, Wyoming, which is in Jackson Hole and close to the Grand Teton National Park. We regularly travel to Jackson Hole to visit family, rest, and minister the gospel.

It is our dream to own a small micro-home in Jackson Hole with a view of the mountains and the stars that have made such an eternal impact on our lives. We greatly desire to host the nations in such a home, sharing with them information concerning the God of creation who sent His Son to be the Savior of all men.

In 2016, 4.8 million people from all around the world visited the Grand Teton National Park, and Deb and I have become increasingly burdened for this globally strategic “gate of heaven.” This remains a dream, which seems humanly improbable, but then, so was the ministry in Boston.

Francis Schaeffer, an influential Christian thinker and evangelist, along with his wife, Edith, were used of God to lead many to Christ. In fact, they were able to significantly impact the Christian movement globally because of their strategic ministry in a place much like the Grand Teton National Park. The writings of Schaeffer have greatly influenced my thinking, as well. This is why living in Jackson Hole has become our dream. Our hope is to be able to minister part of the year in Jackson Hole while maintaining our ministry in Boston.

If the Jackson Hole dream becomes a reality, it will be an extension of the urban global church planting vision originating in the Boston ministry. Deb and I have already hosted two creation retreats, and we have made connections with ministries with similar interests in Jackson Hole.