November 8th, 2010

Published on 11/09/10

Our Ministry to People

A Promise Kept

I promised recently to expand upon several subjects which were introduced in the last prayer update. Today I want to talk about the ministry to people in Boston. Describing the makeup of the weekly International Baptist Fellowship (IBF) meeting may help you more clearly picture what God is doing here.

Our Sunday Fellowship

In attendance this last Sunday morning were several individuals desiring to learn about Christianity, one person who has trusted in our Savior and is waiting for baptism, another who has not been walking with the Lord but is ready to make a change, several young believers who are growing in the Lord, an individual who is training for vocational city ministry and several others who are living life as tent-makers (serving the Lord while holding down a full-time job).

Our Commonality

Our commonality is not based upon ethnicity or social standing but upon our desire to know and serve God. A current concern that is bubbling up in different ways within our fellowship is the need to have an effective prayer ministry. This concern is fueled by a desire to know how to pray for each other more effectively. This reflects the genuine concern and love our members have for one another.

Our Prayer

How wonderful it is to report that Christ is being formed within the members of the IBF—praise the Lord! Please join us in prayer that this life will spread across Boston and to other cities with global impact.

Our Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for our International Thanksgiving Dinner, which will be held on November 20th. This is an opportunity to meet new friends with whom we desire to share the love of God.

2. Please pray for a number of new friends who have recently become participants within our fellowship. These are not Christians but are very interested in knowing more about Christianity.

3. Please pray for Toby and Susan Stevens. Toby is an associate Pastor at Community Baptist Church in Rochester, NH. The Stevens have felt the call of God to join us in the Boston ministry. They are currently preparing to move to Boston in early January.

4. Please pray for several within our fellowship who have recently come back to a vibrant walk with the Lord. Pray that we will be able to help them develop a consistent Christian walk.

5. Please pray as the IBF expands its prayer ministry by adding a prayer partner dimension.

6. Please pray that our young believers will develop the discipline of daily devotions and weekly attendance in our corporate services.

7. Please pray that the love and commitment which the IBF have for one another will continue to increase.

8. Please pray that the love and commitment which the IBF has for one another will spread life to others across Boston and then to other globally impacting cities.

Bill and Deb