November 15th, 2009

Published on 12/02/09

This Week in Boston

I had 10 meetings or Bible studies this week, and there were 18 people in our Sunday morning fellowship meeting. Our attendance was down at a time when we want it to increase. On the other hand, our foundation is solid, our plan is in place, and our God is going ahead of us in Boston. The Friday night Bible study was a great encouragement this week. It was inspiring to hear one of our disciples patently explain the gospel to a Chinese couple who have never heard. Another positive development is the spiritual progress evident within our evangelistic studies. You can see the interest begin to grow as our studies move through the Scripture. In one of our studies this next week, we will be talking about Abraham and Isaac, and in another we will be discussing the Passover. In both cases, it appears that God is speaking, and those attending the studies are beginning to hear his voice.

The big push is on. Next Sunday night the first of two International Thanksgiving Dinners is scheduled. The picture below is of several within our group as they prepare hickory nuts to be used as decorations for the Thanksgiving diners. Please pray for us as there remains myriads of details to be managed before the first dinner occurs. Also, I need your faithful intercession since I have been invited to speak this week to a group of mainland Chinese, most of whom do not know the Lord. Finally, I want to thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement. My stomach is much better, and I trust with careful management things will be fine.

New attached image Hickory Nut Cleaning