November 22nd, 2009

Published on 12/02/09

This Week in Boston

Monday: As normal, I took my daughter to school at Trinity Christian in Concord, NH. Most Monday’s are spent in developing weekly devotionals for our church fellowship and/or doing general administrative tasks. On Monday evenings, I enjoy a Bible study with my son David, who is now living at home and paying off his college loans.

Tuesday: I had one baptismal and one evangelistic Bible study at Northeastern University today. This evening, a Chinese graduate student came to our home for supper. Two weeks ago he was approaching the Bible as just another story but now all that has changed. He has become serious in his study, but he is concerned since his father is a communist. His mother advised him to cease studying the Bible because she is afraid that it will hurt his career prospects in China.

Wednesday: The day was spent preparing for and attending a missionary conference at Bethany Baptist Church in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Thursday: During the day, I led three evangelistic studies, and in the evening, I had the wonderful privilege of speaking the gospel to a room full of Chinese students. The group consisted of three separate Bible studies which joined together for a Thanksgiving fellowship. These groups are administered by a Chinese couple (the husband is a professor at NEU).

Friday: This evening I attend a Bible study that was initiated by one of our disciples. We read one chapter of Mathew each Friday night.

Saturday: I normally spend Saturday’s in my chair on our third floor working on sermon preparation and administration. I try not to leave the house. I had a touch of the flu this week and this affected my ability to get much done.

Sunday: In the morning service, we had 23 people. We prayed for at least 40 minutes. This was followed by singing and then the teaching of God’s Word. Today we studied 1Timothy 4. Our fellowship shared lunch together at the community building where we meet for our service. We did this in order to more easily prepare for the International Thanksgiving Dinner. This preparation has been on-going for at least two weeks. For instance, Deb has spent over 80 hours the last several weeks preparing food and decorations. Many others from our fellowship have also labored to make the dinner a success. This afternoon the majority of our fellowship stayed to do final preparations. All the prayers and preparations paid off. We prayed for 50 people and God brought us 57. We made many new friends, and I am sure that several Bible studies will begin as result of friendships that were initiated this evening. One person (Mohammad from Iran) asked if he could attend our church services. In short, tonight’s International Thanksgiving Dinner was one of our most biblically successful events. Thank you for praying and a special thanks go out to the ladies of Trinity Baptist Church who prepared pies for the dinner this evening. I hope that all of you have as enjoyable a Thanksgiving season as we are.

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Serving the Lord in Boston, Bill Edmondson