November 3rd, 2010

Published on 11/09/10

Dear prayer and financial supporters,

I have been trying to get this letter done for several weeks. Lord willing and Bill doing, this email prayer letter will be followed up in the coming days with several more prayer emails further explaining and/or illustrating each item below.

The Ministry in General

Things are going well in the ministry right now. We have a way of organizing ministry according to the level of Spiritual life/maturity of each individual involved in our ministry. There are seven levels ranging from friendships with a non-Christians to the equipping of Christians to be either tent-makers or vocational ministers of the gospel. If we are ministering to individuals at each of these levels we feel that we are doing well. We are happy to report that we are doing so. It is helpful that several within our fellowship are now developing evangelistic relationships and are also teaching evangelistic, infant discipleship, baptismal, and discipleship lessons. Our attendance is now at around 30 people a week.

Support Needs

Deb and I have some support concerns. We have lost over $400.00 a month of support this year. One church ceased to exist and another decided that they had other priorities for their mission dollars. Also, our health insurance went up almost 200.00 per-month. This means that we are down more than 600.00 per month. Although we are making adjustments, it would greatly help the ministry, if some new partners would join our support team.

Coming Event

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we will have our annual International Thanksgiving Dinner. This event enables us to make new friends from the international academic and immigrant communities. Please pray that all the planning, cooking, and speaking will go well and that we will meet many new friends with whom to share the love of God.


It is our Spirit derived goal to help facilitate a church planting movement in Boston which will extend to other world class cities. This facilitation involves developing networks on the local, regional, continental, and international levels. These networks are beginning to form.

The House next Door

Our neighbors house is for sale and we would like to purchase it. If we were able to do so, it would be the second step in creating an international ministry village (the building of our ministry home was the first step). The ministry village will be an important asset in discipling the world that is in Boston to minister to their world outside of the Boston. We have no ability to purchase this home except the ability to pray.

Bill & Deb