October 10th, 2009

Published on 12/02/09

Edmondson Prayer Letter

Ministering to the World in Boston

Our Calling It is our Spirit derived goal to build a church emphasizing the immigrant and international academic communities of Boston. Our hope is that this church plant will become a pattern for other church plants both in Boston as well as other world class cities (cities of roughly 2,000,000 or more who have global influence). We are at the fellowship stage (Bible study/fellowship/church plant/church) of the church planting process. In order to become a church plant, we need four men who are qualified to lead in the areas of evangelism, fellowship, teaching and business. In addition to this, we need Sunday school teachers for every age level. We are close to having the necessary male leadership, but we are not close to having teachers to staff a Sunday school program. Pray that our evangelistic and discipleship studies will produce the male leadership and the teachers needed to become a church plant.

A Great Day In September, churches from Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire networked together to make Christ known by means of participating in our annual International Household Goods Giveaway. Despite continual rain, (at times, a downpour) the event was a great success. By holding this event, God helped us accomplish the following: 1. The love and compassion of God for international students and immigrants, both in the city of Malden and the Greater Boston Metropolitan area, was put on display. In fact, a Malden city councilman personally thanked me for caring for the international community of Malden. This kind of recognition will help increase the testimony of the gospel in Malden. 2.Every college, university and immigrant center, in which we distributed information about the International Household Goods Giveaway, knows something about our heart for God and for people. 3. Every person who attended received literature that included the gospel and information pertaining to our fellowship. 4.The membership of our fellowship profited by becoming acquainted to those Christians from across New England and the United States who participated. 5. The Christians from across the United States who networked together profited spiritually by being involved in this cross-cultural missional event. 6. At least three Bible evangelistic Bible studies have begun as a result of the event.

An Important Day On the evening of November 22nd, the International Baptist Fellowship will host our 9th Annual International Thanksgiving Dinner. This is an ideal event to invite an inquisitive audience made up of international students and immigrants interested in information about holidays in the United States. We take this opportunity to share the love of God by means of hospitality and the sharing of the gospel. Deb and I are praying that we will make friends from around the world with whom we can nurture evangelistic relationships.


The Lord has given us six friends with whom to have evangelistic Bible studies. We also currently have one baptism study and two discipleship studies.

We now average between 20 and 25 people on Sunday mornings

Things seem to progressing according to the plan which God has given us.

One of our new disciples now leads our Sunday morning prayer ministry.

Another of our men have asked to lead in the fellowship areas of ministry.

Our son and daughter in-law along with their two children; Robin and Lola are planning on moving to Boston in order to be part of the church planting ministry.


Ask our Father to help us develop the leadership necessary to move from a fellowship to a church plant.

Pray that our evangelistic studies will result in the salvation of our six friends. Also pray for our other discipleship studies.

Remember to pray for the International Thanksgiving dinner. Pray that we will meet new friends from all around the world with whom we can generate evangelistic relationships.

Pray that we are able to move forward with the Spirit derived goal to facilitate a church planting movement beginning in Boston and moving to other world-class cities.

Please pray for us,

Bill and Deb Edmondson