October, 2008

Published on 04/16/09

Dear Prayer and Financial Supporters,

As I write this, the words of the apostle Paul found in 1 Corinthians 16:9 come to mind, “For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” A great and effective door for Great-Commission ministry has been opened in Boston. By working at starting a church in the immigrant and international academic community of Boston, we are trying to walk through that door. If we are able to cross the threshold of this open door, we will become effective at doing Great Commission ministry. There is a possibility of not only starting churches in Boston but also of discipling this mobile community to do the same in their homelands. With the ministry plan, which was developed in my thesis project, is in place. Therefore we have made a start. The plan is being refined and will hopefully become the blueprint for starting other churches. But there are many adversaries—yet perhaps they should be called opportunities. The adversary or opportunity of which I speak is our need of financial support.

We (the Edmondson family) are currently $1,500.00 under our monthly support estimate. An additional problem is that some of our regular supporters have become considerably less regular in their giving to the Edmondson missionary account. The combination of these two factors has put us several thousand dollars in the red in our Baptist Mid-Missions account and our personal financial condition is likewise afflicted.

I see this adversity as an opportunity. I am working at filling my schedule (Sunday and Wednesday nights) with deputation meetings across the Northeast. Speaking in these churches will increase prayer and financial support and will also help to organize regional local church involvement in the Boston ministry. In order to accomplish our God given goals in Boston both of these things must happen. Our need may also be your opportunity. We need at least 15 new supporters at $100.00 apiece. Would you prayerfully consider supporting or increasing your monthly support of the Boston ministry? If you are not able to do so, perhaps you would be able to help with a one-time gift which would help us erase our current deficit. Regardless of your ability to help in these two ways, please remember to pray for us as we care for this financial problem which is also an opportunity.

We now have a website where you can find information about the Boston ministry. Bill’s and Deb’s Website for Supporters has our prayer letters as well as our daughter Linda’s Missionary Musings. There is also information about our support estimate, as well as my thesis (our ministry plan) included. You may find this at billanddeb.net-at-hand.com .

Engaged in Boston,

Bill, Deb and Linda