October 24th, 2009

Published on 12/02/09

This Week in Boston

I hope to give weekly updates concerning the Boston ministry. This may help you, our prayer and financial supporters, gain a more intimate understanding of the ministry here. Last Sunday there were 21 in attendance in the International Baptist Fellowship (IBF) Sunday morning meeting. We begin our morning fellowship time by spending at least 1/2 hour in prayer, followed by singing two or three hymns/choruses. 1Timothy 2:8-15 (the role of women in the church) was the Scripture portion for last Sunday’s study. Tomorrow we will begin looking at 1 Timothy 3 (qualifications for pastors). Our morning Bible study is always followed by lunch at the Edmondson home. Most of those attending the morning fellowship meeting join the group for lunch. Following dinner but before dessert, we have a short follow-up service. This last Sunday afternoon we talked about what happens when a Christian dies. We did so because the mother of one of our members died suddenly two weeks ago.

This last week the International Baptist Fellowship held at least six evangelistic and discipleship studies throughout Boston. Perhaps the highlight was the Thursday night study at the Edmondson ministry home when a young Chinese couple studied the Bible for the very first time. The Bible study began at 7:00 PM with tea and pastries. This allowed for a time to get acquainted concluding with the signing of the guest book (our world atlas). As usual, the Bible study begins with the book of Genesis. I never get over the thrill of listening as one reads the Bible for the first time. If this study is like others we have had with Chinese friends, there will be months of studying the Bible together before our new friends are able grasp both the message of the gospel and gain the confidence that it is true.

Tomorrow, our weekly fellowship meeting will be in our home due to a 5k race event (our normal meeting place is needed for registration). In the afternoon session, we will continue to plan for the International Thanksgiving Dinner, and we will begin to plan for Christmas at the IBF.

Please pray for us,

Bill Edmondson