Our Support Estimate and Financial Situation

Published on 04/06/22

Fellow-Workers for the Gospel,

You may remember, that a while back, this avalanche of email prayer letters commenced—ten in all. We sent all of these, knowing that we would surely lose readers from sheer boredom. It still needed to be done, in order to remind our partners from where we have come and to where we are going.

Let me summarize. Deb and I will always primarily be about sharing the gospel with folks here, so we can help their friends and relatives there, come to trust in the Savior. Evangelism is the first task, but will be, Lord willing, augmented by church planting, demographic studies, recruiting, and networking. By ministering in strategic places, we hope to see additional churches planted around the world. You all ready know this and have heard it many times. Our location has changed, but our gifts and calling remain the same. We are older, but we hope wiser, and are committed to fulfilling the stewardship with which our Savior has tasked us.

Our financial supporters have remained amazing loyal to us through this transition, and our support has remained strong. In fact, after reworking our support estimate to reflect our new location and situation, we found our support to be above 99%! Your loyalty has been such a great encouragement.

However, in June of this year, we will lose $750 a month support. This means there is a now need for new financial partners. Please pray with us as we work to care for this deficit.

The particulars are as follows: Our personal support need is $5,773 per month, and our ministry work funds amount to $1,393, with a total monthly need of $7,166. These amounts reflect our needs to live and do the ministry to which God has called us. If you would like to study the particulars, you can find them on “Bill and Deb’s Website for Supporters”.

Finally, at the end of all these communications, we feel compelled to affirm our trust is in the Lord. Deb and I have been ministering together now for over 40 years, and God has always taken care of us. In our worst moments, He remained steadfast—He has always had our back. Therefore, we trust Him to supply our need as we move forward with Him. Will you join us as Fellow-Workers for the Gospel?

Bill and Deb

Tomorrow: Now we can all rest:-)