Pray for us!

Published on 12/09/22

To our Fellow workers,

Deb and I have devised numerous ministry plans over the last several years, which God has said no to each time. It is wise to plan, but recently our Father has uniquely controlled our path. When we paused our planning to wait upon God, His direction became clearer, and we are enjoying, anticipating and entering the open doors He is providing. Our Father is helping us fulfill our divine stewardship of discipling the nations by ministering to the nations, locally.

We have quite a bit to ask of our prayer warriors, so I’ll get right to it.

Please pray for the Tuesday night online evangelistic Bible study. It is growing and may become more of a discipleship study.

The Saturday online conversational English session to Japan has the potential to become an evangelistic study. We are asking God to grant spiritual interest.

On December 7, we will host an acquaintance with a Muslim background. We pray this will become an evangelistic encounter.

We are planning a Christmas party for several international friends from Iowa City. We hope to share the story of Christmas with them.

We have a Friday afternoon study at a local coffee shop. We believe the participants have both become Christians, so it will also become a discipleship study.

There are many opportunities for international disciple-making in various businesses around our part of Iowa. Some progress is being made in accessing these opportunities, but much prayer is needed.

Deb and I will be ministering in several churches across Iowa in the coming weeks. We are asking the Lord to increase the number of those who pray faithfully for the ministry to international peoples for global discipleship (InterGlo). We are particularly committed to developing our senior citizen team of prayer partners. When our political leaders work into their old age in order to serve their country, should we not do so, even more so, in order to serve our Savior, who died to reconcile men? We should! One way we can continue in our faithfulness to God is to pray as we work together to make disciples of all nations—let’s do this! We love you,

Bill and Deb