Potential Supporters

Published on 08/03/23

Dear Prospective Financial Supporters,

Thank you for considering financial support for InterGlo Ministries. InterGlo Ministries is committed to offering the gospel to the entire globe by ministering the gospel to our international friends locally.

InterGlo Ministries desires to represent you among the nations of the world. By financially supporting InterGlo Ministries you will become of laborers with us in the work of the Great Commission—making Christian disciples of all nations.

Here are the services InterGlo Ministries provides to those who become financial supporters:

1) InterGlo Ministries will represent you in the work of the Great Commission.

2) InterGlo Ministries will represent you by building redemptive relationships with individuals from all over the world.

3) As your representatives, InterGlo Ministries will help interested international friends to be reconciled toGod.

4) InterGlo Ministries, as fellow laborers with you, will mentor young international believers to become mature followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5) As new/young believers in Jesus return home, InterGlo Ministries will work in your stead to help these believers successfully represent the Savior in their cultural context.

6) InterGlo Ministries will regularly communicate to you the blessings and prayer needs of InterGlo Ministries by means of snail mail, email, and other online communication.

7) InterGlo Ministries will periodically meet with you in person to share an update on how the ministry of InterGlo Ministries is advancing.

If you are interested in joining the team of InterGlo Ministries by becoming financial supporters, please contact Bill by phone or text at 781-962-8247 or email bill at bill@InterGlo.org . You may also contact Deb at 781-367-6032 or email her at debedmo55@gmail.com .