Prayer Request Update

Published on 12/20/18

Dear Prayer Supporters,

Deb and I are waiting at the airport (9-26-2018) for our flight back from Cleveland to Boston. We had a fruitful meeting with the field administrators—a positive response from all who attended. There will be further discussion amongst the field administrators, and then a meeting with administrative committee of BMM. There was general excitement about the potential for Boston and Beyond, with a recognition that much organizational structure will need to be implemented. One field administrator put it something like this, “Bill and Deb are the visionaries, now we need someone skilled at implementation.” I agree that an administrator, called of God to help implement the Boston and Beyond plan, is perhaps our greatest need.

The Lord willing, I hope to write a more detailed prayer letter about substantive developments in Boston later this week or early next week, but I thought it important to give you an update, and to thank you for praying,

Walking with the Great Commissioner together,

Bill and Deb