Recruiting, Enlisting, Discipling

Published on 04/05/22


You thought we were all done with these, but when sending out our flurry of prayer letters, #6 was lost in the shuffle. Now, #6 will arrive in two installments, followed by #9, our support estimate.

A large part of the Boston and Beyond ministry is locating and assisting other workers whom God is enlisting into this calling. Deb and I have wrestled with how to do this and God is teaching us.

Enlisting vocational or bi-vocational ministers is much like evangelistic ministry “done right”. You can help individuals see the need, but you cannot manipulate them to join the cause—that is God’s work.

Deb and I are on the campus of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary several times a month, where I am auditing a Hebrew language course. While there, God has helped us develop relationships with several new friends and renew acquaintances with many old friends. Just like effective evangelistic relationships, these become friendships in which we minister one to another—we give and we receive as fellow Christian sojourners. This, then, allows us to share our heart and calling to minister the gospel in strategic places. As we do so, God warms some hearts to investigate and perhaps, to join us.

Most of these individuals will probably never be involved, day by day, with the Boston and Beyond ministry. However, networking in this way accomplishes two other worthwhile objectives. Firstly, the principles undergirding Boston and Beyond are common to most other ministries. As we share our ministry ethic, we are able to teach common biblical principles of life and ministry—we disciple. While doing so, we are often able to help our friends find God’s place for themselves in ministry. Secondly, ministering in this way is actually networking Boston and Beyond. Meeting and making new friends and discipling individuals communicates the Great Commission priority of ministering in strategic places—the globalized cities of the world. This message is then broadcast by our ever growing circle of friends made at places like Faith.

Finally, we do so desire to join God in enlisting vocational and bi-vocational workers for the cause of Christ in the city. What happens at Faith can be repeated in other venues, colleges, seminaries, churches. Please pray we have the wisdom to know how much time to give to this part of the Boston and Beyond ministry.

Bill and Deb