Recruiting the Workers

Published on 07/26/18

The Plan: Recruiting the Workers

The goal of Boston and Beyond a globalized city initiative (B&B) is to obey the Savior by joining Him in the fulfilling of His command to disciple all nations. We believe this is possible for two basic reasons: 1) Jesus has all authority, and He has promised to help those who surrender to do His will. 2) The Savior has providentially prepared globalized cities, places where the nations can be discipled, both locally and globally.

We have been working our way through (B&B) ministry plan. The last two weeks, I wrote about establishing the International Baptist Church, which is the launching pad for our global discipleship program, and about evangelizing the nations in Boston, so that we are able to evangelize the world outside of Boston. In the coming weeks, our focus will be recruiting the workers (today), studying the demographics and launching the teams.

When we finish explaining the B&B Plan, we will highlight the People needed for B&B ministries, Places targeted for the B&B discipleship centers, and the Preparation provided for B&B workers. Hopefully, all of this information will help everyone know where we are going, what is needed, and how to pray effectively.

Recruiting the Workers

Recruiting workers has always been important to the Boston ministry, but with the formation of Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative (B&B), recruiting has become essential. We will be asking lay people as well as vocational Christian workers to join us in Boston and globally. More will be said about this when the topic of the prayer letter is the People needed for B&B. Today we will briefly explain the B&B internship, list the places where we will recruit, and the online capabilities we hope to develop in our effort to mobilize ministers in the city. Internships we will create

A major emphasis in our recruitment will be the B&B internship program. Our internship is designed for anyone desiring to use their life skills to serve the Lord in the cities of the world. Education or ability level is not as important as one’s walk with the Lord and desire to join the Savior as He builds His church in the city. Through the years, we have had many interns, including Pastor Toby Stevens of International Baptist Church in Boston (our pastor). Now the B&B internship has been enhanced in order to accomplish further ministry goals. This will be explained when I write about the Preparation we provide for B&B participants. If you would like more information about our internship, you can contact Travis Gravley, the Baptist Mid-Missions enlistment administrator (

Places we will go

We plan on recruiting workers for B&B in local churches, Bible colleges, seminaries, advanced educational institutions and mission agencies. In other words, we will be recruiting from every place where workers may be found. Currently, we have a good working relationship with several of these institutions and are friends with several others.

Actually, there are already a number of individuals actively considering joining B&B. A family considering the internship and ministry in the city will be visiting us later this week, and we are in regular contact with many others. In the fall, we will begin an online prayer meeting for those desiring to serve in the city.

Connections we will make

We believe that a combination of recruiting on-sight and the effective use of online capabilities are essential for recruitment success. We will use our email prayer letter, website, blog, and other online media for recruitment, as well, as a means of strengthening existing relationships. Please pray for us, as we need to become much more proficient in these areas.


Having read the first three parts of the B&B ministry plan, you may be asking how Deb and I will be able to accomplish all of these objectives—we can’t. This is why recruitment is so important. Unless our God draw the workers, B&B will not happen. There is one fertile field for recruitment that I have yet to mention—our B&B disciples themselves. Even if we are not able to recruit ample workers for B&B outside of Boston, we can and will train our disciples to do the work of ministry. More about this in a future email prayer letter.