Published on 03/17/18

Reporting to our supporters

March 12, 2018

Dear financial and prayer supporters,

Deb and I are in the midst of reporting to our financial and prayer supporters concerning the Boston ministry. We have been in a different church every Sunday (except last Sunday) of this year, and this will continue until June. In addition to this, we will be visiting individual supporters during the middle of some weeks. . It is a good thing we are able to fly stand-by :-)

We live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and travel each Saturday, returning normally on Monday. It has been a great blessing to see the work of God in each of our supporting churches, and to share with those churches what God is doing in Boston. Each church has been its own kind of blessing.

Individuals in our supporting churches have helped us with car and computer problems, and have been a definite edifying influence in our lives.

Deb and I are called to the city, and love the city, as well, but we are very impressed, humbled and encouraged by the faithfulness of pastors and church folks who live and minister in rural communities across Iowa.

We try to remind each church that we form a team together, and that without them, there would be no work in Boston, no Boston and Beyond. Many would not have heard and believed, if it were not for their faithfulness.

We are also thankful for the time we are able to spend time with Deb’s parents, who are in their 80’s.

Lord willing, we will return to our beloved Boston in early June.

Bill and Deb


Thankful for a life of ministry We are very thankful for extended time with Deb’s parents.

We are thankful that midwest weather has not prevented any meetings.

We are thankful that a supporting church member financially helped us replace our damaged computer (ran over it),

We are thankful for members of another supporting church who helped us navigate through a car problem.

We are thankful for time to rest, and reflect about God and His work in us and through us.


Please pray that we will give a thorough and accurate report to each of our financial supporters.

In between reporting meetings, we continue to pray and plan for the Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative. As I promised, I will be sending more information about this even as I am sharing this information with my supporters in Iowa. Please pray as we plan. We are working at increasing our support base by more than $1,000.00 per month. We also have an immediate goal of increasing the amount of people to whom we send our prayer letter to 1000 people. We have increased our prayer letter email list from 320 to 454 people thus far.

Please pray for the health and strength needed to fulfill our calling. I (Bill) am having weekly voice/throat therapy sessions. I am thankful that things seem to be improving.


March 18 Ankeny Baptist Church Ankeny, Iowa

March 25 Calvary Baptist Church Grinnell, Iowa

April 1 Floris Baptist Church Floris, Iowa

April 7-8 (Urban Missions Conference) Immanuel Baptist Church Richmond, Virginia

April 15 First Baptist Church, Grundy Center, Iowa

April 22 Calvary Baptist Church Green, Iowa

April 29 First Baptist Church Walnut, Iowa

May 6 Immanuel Baptist Church Newton, Iowa

May 13 We will spend the day in Williamsburg, Iowa with Deb’s mother.

May 18-20 (missions conference) Brown Street Baptist Church Alton, Illinois

May 20 (evening) Delphi Baptist Church, Jerseyville, Illinois

May 27 First Baptist Church Eldora, Iowa

June 1 Boston Bound!

Support Information

Above you can use the Financial Support Information or the Needs and Want links to find out more about our financial needs.