September, 2008

Published on 04/16/09

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ ,

Your prayers and financial support is very much appreciated. Our ministry is bearing fruit and it’s a joy to have the privilege of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hopeless. The Sunday morning Bible Study averages between 20 and 30 people including Chinese, American, and Korean participants. Within our Bible study there are always a large percentage of individuals who are in the process of learning about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. We go to great efforts to not only give these precious friends the intellectual content essential to become Christians, but also the family like atmosphere necessary to appreciate the character of Christianity.

At this point there are three evangelistic Bible studies taking place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. Two of these are held in the living room of our home while the third will begin this coming Wednesday at Northeastern University (NEU). This third Bible study is particularly exciting since two Chinese professors at Northeastern contacted us requesting that we assist them in their efforts to minister evangelistically to the Chinese students at NEU. Each of these three evangelistic studies has an attendance of around four or five international students who are seriously considering the claims of Christ. There is the potential for an evangelistic study at Tufts University as well as the possibility of a study at Bunker Hill Community College. Our problem is becoming time. Please pray that we will manage the ministry efficiently.

This last Saturday we held our annual International-Household-Goods Giveaway. Several churches around New England participated in gathering and distributing furniture to newly arriving international students. This event seems to have been greatly used of God to reveal Himself to such people. A man named Rex from an area university expressed his dismay that it seemed that nobody cares for the Chinese students at his university. We assured him that we care and explained to him that we are willing to have a Bible study for his Chinese friends. He was ecstatic. Many of the students at this event wondered aloud at why we would do such a thing. Our answer was to explain that the love of God has filled our heart and is now overflowing to them. This kind of event enables the whole community to understand and appreciate the character of our ministry and it also enables us to initiate evangelistic relationships.

We celebrated the Moon Festival, an Asian celebration, this last Sunday night. Our home was full of Christian and non- Christian visitors enjoying Asian cuisine. It was wonderful to watch our Christian family minister to those who are considering Christ. Our hearts fill with a deep joy as we remember the various conversations taking place around the house. It is overwhelming to consider the privilege that has been granted us of serving our God as ambassadors to the nations in Boston.

Please continue to pray for the completion of my thesis. I started working on this paper four years ago and, Lord willing, I will be done by early October. I plan on meeting with my professor this Wednesday to determine the date for the defending of my thesis before the faculty. Meanwhile, the plan of action contained in the thesis is being carried out daily by recruiting seminary level interns, developing a regional network of churches and planting the model church. It will be an indescribable satisfaction to finally be done with this time absorbing, albeit necessary project so I will be able to move on to further implementing the plan.

May God help us love and minister to others as He did us.

Bill, Deb and Linda