Published on 07/05/16

Surgery and Ministry


This is Deb writing, as Bill is recuperating from his surgery four days ago. We appreciate many who said they would be praying. What was supposed to be an outpatient procedure turned into a two night stay at the hospital. Just minutes before the operation, our doctor walked in with some sobering news. After viewing Bill’s scan, he told us this surgery was going to be more complicated than he thought. Instead of one hour, it took 2 1/2 hours . The doctor confided in us that he was “sweating bullets!”

The reason for the longer surgery and hospital recovery was because the cyst in Bill’s throat was bigger than expected, and not contained to a small area. The doctor said there is a high risk of it coming back. They always do an oncology test on these things, but they are rarely cancerous. We will know the results on Monday.

Please pray on both counts, 1) that the cyst does not return, and 2) that the growth was benign. And of course, Bill would appreciate pray for his speedy recovery. I am making him take it easy, ( trying to:)


The days before, during, and after his surgery, we were blessed as a church by the ministry of Dr. Jeff Newman, and his wife, Sherry, who were here from Iowa. Dr. Newman did a series of lessons on the subject of the stewardship of biblical relationships.

Please pray as we continue with our summer ministry outreach, through cooking classes, conversation partners, and a July 4 picnic at the Charles River.

We recently met two young ladies who might be interested in our “English corner”, which will be a once a week gathering for those who want to practice their English skills. We also just made friends with two Muslim young ladies, from Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, who are very interested in coming to our home. We met them at our climbing gym. Please pray for them, as well as two Muslim students from Holt Business School, who frequently come to cooking class. Bill was able to engage one of them in a conversation about what she believes. She gave him some suggested book titles to learn more about her minority group in China, She is a Uyghur, ( pronounced weeger).

This Sunday, the IBC will have a baptismal service for Peter from Taiwan. There are several other friends who are considering Christ, and we are beginning to engage others in evangelistic relationships.

Thanks for praying, Deb E.