“The importance of the model-church plant was explained in a informational bulletin prepared for the International Baptist Bible Study which stated, ‘Perhaps the most important part of the local infrastructure is the model-church plant. This multi-ethnic, multi-cultural church will be established using the methodology developed by the Edmondsons. This model church will be the template as well as the foundation for other church plants within the Boston Metropolitan Area (BMA). The church-planting movement in the BMA will be the template as well as the foundation for church-planting movements in other metropoles globally. Therefore, it is essential that the first model church do well.’”

“The quote above makes it clear that the model church plant is an essential element of the church-planting movement endeavor. Therefore it is pertinent to ask, What will the model look like? In a recently created brochure, developed for the purpose of informing others about the International Baptist Fellowship (eventually to become the model-church plant), the following paragraph was inserted to explain the desire of the IBF. ‘It is our prayer that God would give us the wisdom and the knowledge and the ability to build a church that is known for its Biblical orthodoxy lived out in lives of commitment; a place of spiritual and emotional healing; a place of protection, admonition and instruction in Biblical love; a place to find real, genuine answers; a place of the living God; a pillar and foundation for the truth.’ This quote from the Bible study brochure, along with the quote from the top of this page, provides important information concerning the kind of church the model-church plant should become.”

The quote above was taken from pages 188 and 189 of Bill’s thesis, Global Church Planting within the Mobile Academic and Immigrant Communities of the Boston Metropolitan Area. If you would like to see how the Model Church is coming along, you may peruse the The International Baptist Church website by clicking on this link.