The Moment

Published on 11/11/17

Sent out September 25, 2017

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Due to a heavy schedule, This Week in Boston has not been sent since September 4. Therefore, today, we will rehearse a Moment, which illustrates both our evangelistic ministry, as well as our internship program.

As you may know, we invite interns to learn how to apply their Bible knowledge by spending four months with us in Boston. The following factual story will help illustrate the value of such an internship.

One evening, a friend, with whom I had been studying with for several months, came early for an evangelistic Bible study. Being tired after a long day, and looking forward to a break before our study, I wondered to myself, why is he here an hour early? But sensing there might be a divine reason, I decided to probe a bit by asking questions like: How has your Bible studies been going? Where are you at spiritually? These questions revealed a clear understanding of the gospel, prompting me to ask, “What yet needs to happen for you to believe?” He replied that he was waiting for The Moment. I knew, then, that our friend was ready to pass from death into life.

At about this time, Andrew Eddy, one of our interns, joined us for our scheduled study. The three of us worked through the study, which I believe was on the life and ministry of Jesus, but at the end of the study, we turned to John 3:36, “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not believe the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”

I asked him, “What does the one who believes in the Son have?” He responded: “eternal life.” Then the question, “Do you believe Jesus Christ died in your place for your sins?” He responded, “Yes.” The follow up question…”What do you have?” His eventual response, “ I have eternal life.”

Of course, there were many exchanges and concerns addressed as Andrew and I ministered the gospel to our friend. Andrew later wondered why I was so blunt at times. He did so, because we had taught him that good relationships lead to gospel opportunities. Andrew was concerned that my bluntness would fracture our relationship. I was able to explain that our relationship had become strong enough for me to speak bluntly about his need to believe in Jesus, and that the time was right.

I cherish these moments when the gospel not only bears fruit, but a disciple is also instructed in the proper application of their belief system.

Our friend is now preparing for baptism, and Andrew is making ready to leave Boston to find his place of ministry. When he finds it, he will take a little bit of the Boston ministry with him.

This is Great Commission ministry,

Bill and Deb