Through the Years

Published on 12/09/22

Dear Co-Laborers,

Deb and I recently received a letter from a friend to whom we ministered during the 1980’s. After almost 40 years, he performed an internet search and contacted us through the Baptist Mid-Missions website. Deb and I ministered with Campus Bible Fellowship at the University of Notre Dame at the time we first knew him. As part of that ministry, I functioned as a walk-on wrestling coach. This friend was one of the wrestlers on that team. Coaching was a blast! A highlight occurred at one of the tournaments. I was sitting in the stands with the ND heavy weight and as we prayed together, he trusted in our Savior. On another occasion, Deb and I hosted the full wrestling team for a pre-season Thanksgiving Dinner. Since wrestlers strictly monitor caloric intake during the season, we labeled our preseason Thanksgiving Dinner, “The Last Supper.” Back to the former wrestler who contacted us after all these years… He thanked us for caring for them. We shared memories through several emails, with the result that we may meet at his home one day to discuss my “Evangelical view of salvation.”

As my mind wanders back though our decades in the ministry which God has blessed us with, I realize there are many, many rich relationships like this. Some have responded to the gospel, others are still inquiring, and some, like our wrestling friend, reach out all these years later—Gospel centered relationships are gifts that keeps on giving. We look forward to what God has in store for us in the decades to follow.

I will be sending out two more letters in the next two days. Tomorrow, you will receive a letter explaining what I mean when I speak about our budding fellowship as it relates to church planting. Following that, two days from now, our email prayer letter will explain a change of status for us within Baptist Mid-Missions.

We love you,

Bill and Deb