Our Need?

God has cared for Deb and me for over 45 years. He has used His people to provide for our every need. We are not in financial trouble, but desire to keep our supporters current concerning our financial situation. We believe in what we do, and we think it is worthy of missionary support. Our financial needs provide an opportunity for Christians to join us as we serve God, together ministering the gospel to the peoples of the world who live next door.

Monthly Support Need

Our main need is to have 100% of our monthly support estimate. We are currently in need of $776 a month support. Will you join us? You can find more support information by studying our Support Information page.


Deb and I (67) plan to continue to minister vocationally into our old age. We are caring for ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. If the Lord tarries, we hope to serve full time until 90 years of age. If so, retirement funds will not be a problemđŸ˜‡.