Why Continue going to School?

Published on 04/05/22

Fellow followers of the Word,

I am reminded of an experience I had years ago when teaching at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. I was sitting at an area coffee shop and talking with the owner—a member of a charismatic church. He said to me, “You folks at Faith are people of the Book, while my church consists of people of the Spirit.” I don’t mind his labeling my thought process as that of the Book—a compliment, indeed. At the same time, it is essential for the Christian to walk according to the Spirit.

The Christian worldview, our understanding of God and life, begins with an understanding of God’s Word. Our spiritual growth is in proportion to our submission to God’s Word, by means of the Spirit. It is also true that our ability to help individuals trust in the Savior is dependent upon our understanding of the Bible, and our willingness to minister to each according to the Spirit.

This is why Deb and I devote a great deal of our time deepening ourselves in our understanding of God’s Word. This is also why I continue to take seminary level courses—I desire to know God better and share His Word more effectively.

We endeavor to share the gospel with folks from all levels of intellect, from a variety of ethnic groups and world-views, from vastly different parts of the world. Our only hope in being successful at this is to know what God’s Word says about all of us. We learn our commonalities by studying God’s Word, and we grow in our ability to understand each individual by doing the same.

Think with me about Philip the Evangelist, who was led by the Spirit of God to the Ethiopian eunuch, a high ranking government official. Philip was able to engage him at the point of the Ethiopian’s Spiritual need. Philip was led by God, and prepared by God to enter into a gospel discussion by asking key questions, which helped him to know how to respond. Such ability takes a thorough understanding of God’s Word, as well as a desire to engage people from where they are at. This is why further study is necessary.

Oh, and continued study keeps my brain working:-)

Bill and Deb

Tomorrow at long last: Our new support estimate and current financial situation.